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The Power of Ten Takes on Housing Affordability

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

On November 9, we hosted the Power of Ten Summit. The summit focused on one of the most important issues facing Middle Tennessee – housing affordability. More than 300 people from across the region, including business leaders, elected officials, and government staff, attended the Summit.

During the Summit, Shane Phillips, author of The Affordable City, shared strategies for addressing housing affordability identified through his extensive research. Mayor Freddie O’Connell (Nashville), Ralph Schulz (Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce), and Ralph Perrey (THDA) provided insight into the housing challenges facing the region. A panel of local leaders discussed specific steps cities, counties, and advocates could take to make the region more affordable. The panel consisted of Marshall Crawford (The Housing Fund), Nancy VanReece (LDG Development), Mayor Joe Pitt (Clarksville), Dale Mitchell (Pinnacle Financial Partners), and Nick Ogden (The Clear Blue Company).

Read about the Summit here:

  • Five takeaways from Power of Ten housing conversation (Nashville Post)

  • Until Nashville gets over its affordable housing hang-ups, the crisis will keep growing (Tennessean)

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